Shu River ancient town of Lijiang is more quiet than the simplicity of the ideal world

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Beam River, a distance of Old Town of Lijiang ancient city is only seven kilometers. She is former Tea-Horse Road city of history and perhaps even more than ancient Lijiang.
People travel to Lijiang, usually to the beam river to walk, and some people even chose to live long in-beam river, because Lijiang is too confused, nowhere near as simple quiet here. Even those hypocritical pseudo-petty bourgeoisie who, no matter how that time is how soft Lijiang, where the waterwheel is how to turn the hidden years – but they are meant to Lijiang alley, bar, as well as Lijiang Yan Yu, surface Vanity Fair is far from being its own; in-beam river, you will find that this is the time the original look.
Quiet in seven km away

To the beam from the Lijiang River, just along the tarmac road heading to the snow-capped mountains, about five kilometers turn left into a gravel road, and then forward about two kilometers, you will see an ancient village, where he is a bundle , known as the springs of the village, who is also known as Longquan Village. Lin Xu Xia-ke tour that year Shibayama relief is that when they walk this path to beam River, in his account, wrote: “stone bridge over a dry stream, Western-looking in the sea, dark wave Liu Ying, there are large temporary settlements on it , is 10 and the House. “” 10 and “is the Beam River in ancient times known, can be seen as early as the Ming Dynasty, this is already an important town of the Lijiang area.
In-beam river town, equally worth a visit to Square Street. Once there, you will have a feeling of deja vu, which is a similar to the square of Lijiang Old Town Square Street, an area of more than 200 square meters, is called the beam River Square Street. Country fair day, here is the most popular river beam where beam river, or even the surrounding towns and villages in the sale of people come here daily. Around the market square are shops, old wooden facade, dark red paint, as well as black and of the bluestone shop front and at the foot of the mottled shipo road, those who sit alone in the elderly is smoking a cigarette sitting in the sun . In-beam river, all of which are showing the true nature of primitive simplicity, so natural.

Standing Place Center, if a careful observation of experience, you can find to do is a traditional Naxi surrounding residential buildings, Naxi people from nomadic to farming, then into cities, from here you can find some indelible marks. The Square Street of Lijiang was once a fur trading market, the streets of those who have been trampled too Guang Liu Teng-smooth stone, it seems that according to still see the past prosperity.
Where to find “Longquan”

Tourists in general are not aware of Beam River in ancient times known also known as “Longquan Village”, while in the local, if you want to ask for directions, or that compare the Longquan Village, insurance, and beam the name of the river where it is only in the tourist books frequently used.
Ordinary people come to Beam River, just tired of the frivolous Lijiang here after the return to nature, among them, few people are aware that there is glory in the Southwest have been the wooden toast dynasty’s true birthplace, although the Old Town of Lijiang, They also see the magnificent ornate wooden palace gates, but they are more preferred is an outsider or a foreigner open a coffee shop to play music in Nepal, but will not be a native of Naxi ancient music.

Go looking for “Longquan” then walk north along the beam Ho Street, on the road you can see Yi Gu a clean walk through flowing in the streets, turning sound. Two to three hundred meters away, they came to the source of this stream – “Jiuding Longtan” that is “Longquan Lake.” As Yishanbangshui, so the lake lake Longquan ancient city of Lijiang, the water is more than clear, the water can barely clothes Lijiang, where the water is clear, people want to have to bend over to Ju Yipeng drink it day and night Quan continuous beam River who have been regarded as a god.

The Longquan built next to the lake north spring temple. Temple furnishings and the ancient city is no different from other monasteries, like an ordinary small Naxi courtyard, but added the source side near the water corner, there is a “three-Sheng Temple,” pavilion for the traditional Chinese courtyard, which honors the founder cobbler. This is a bundle river’s proud because a lot of beam kawade leather craftsmen, but also an important distribution center for fur.

Zeng Yi-developed Beam River is famous for leather processing industry, in the past has always been a “beam river cobbler, an awl with anything,” saying it had sold leather goods in Tibet, Xichang, Qinghai, and some businessmen even arrived in India, Nepal . It is said that until now, in Ninglang Zhongdian, Deqin, so far as to bundle river cobbler also inhabited by the village cobbler made of.
Recommended private houses opened the most genuine aspect of the Naxi
Colorful Naxi costumes

Naxi Ren advocate colorful colors, especially the Naxi women’s clothes, you should pay special attention – much fertilizer, the outside is also covered with a thick layer of sheepskin shawls, shoulders on both sides there are two large circular cloth circle, representing the Day month, a black shawl on behalf of the above night, the following day the white representatives, in the middle is also beautifully embroidered seven stars, so this dress has a pleasant name, called the “daytime”, a symbol of Naxi women’s hard-working.
Known as the “living fossil” of the Naxi Ancient Music

And many minority, Naxi is a singing and dancing, no matter what day, if someone played a Boss, you will immediately gather a large group of people, and accompanied by the rhythm of music, dance, and this is the Naxi Ancient Music Le. Naxi ancient music to retain some of the Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming’s brand of music and lyrics of the musical form of Naxi ancestors style, to be called the Chinese music “living fossil.”

There are several well-known music worthy of song collection, you can look for in those cafes that their CD, such as “gossip”, “Shan Poyang”, “to spring”, “step by step Jiao”, “Gold and Sand” .
Heaven and Man of the Naxi dwellings

From the Naxi Ren residential housing above, you can see Heaven and Man of the ancient civilization. In-beam river, the ancient city of residence has a typical Naxi architectural style: the end of the first floor of a courtyard-style structure, the golden carved main entrance of the main room, full of colored flowers bloom seasons homes – resulting in a beautiful harmony between man and nature.

In Beijing, looking for a little on the Naxi on the beam traces of the river is really quite hard, apart from last September was held in Beijing in the 21st Century Theater, once outside the Naxi ancient music of the concert, few can hear the voice from the Naxi .

The Naxi Ren’s jewelry, arts and crafts are also difficult to see, I only Xidan in Beijing, saw the sixth floor of the Warwick building a long-haired handsome guy who put off a counter Naxi Dongba paintings in sheep’s clothing, you no longer see Other places sell-off. If you really like, I suggest you can go, such as eBay, Taobao found on a search.

Although the river throughout the year to the beam no problem, but the spring is the best season, the most gorgeous scenery, if you want to recommend to you read one book called “On the Road in Yunnan Province”, the book is very practical.

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